Shares, Shares, Everywhere there’s Shares!

One of the most important and fundemental concepts in MDT is the deployment share. It is the set of files and folders that holds all your goodies, your images, your apps, your drivers, your scripts, your boot images, everything. Its your “homebase” When you boot to your bootimage, this is what your boot media “phones home” to.

One of the hardest lessons I had to learn when first working with MDT is that you can drag and drop between shares. Images, drivers, apps, it can all be moved between them quite easily, so if you break a share, start a new one, and move components one by one till you find out what you broke.

Ideally, most IT shops should maintain three shares:

Build Share – Used for building and capturing reference images in a VM *

Production Share – Used for your live deployments, and rebuilds. Once you get this working well, start doing your testing in a deployment share.

Test Share – Used for Testing, and testing only. Look into using linked shares to do this.