Automating Task Sequence Selection

MDT uses task sequences to automate the whole deployment process once your system boots to WinPE. Imagine the task sequence as the “time line” or “assembly line” MDT uses to keep the entire process moving. If you’re using only one task sequence, you can have the deployment wizard skip the prompt, if you’re really clever you could even assign task sequence by hardware type of form factor if you really wanted. I’m inclinded to say you really only need one task sequence, but I know some people may have a real need for more than one. Generally as a rule of thumb, you only need one per OS you’re deploying.

If you want to skip task sequence prompts during your deployment, the selection of the Task Sequence can automated with the following lines in the customsetings.ini file.



*W7PROX64 is the tasksequence ID I found in my Deployment Workbench. Yours will be different.