Organizing Drivers

The whole reason people used to have one image for every single make and model they supported was really to deal with drivers. Since the advent of imageX, the goal of having “one image to rule them all” has been a real, achievable goal. We can build our images in a virtual environment, capture it, and inject drivers dynamically at deploy time. In a perfect world, you’d be talking only about one make and model, but back here on planet earth, you’re like me and supporting lots of models, and maybe from different vendors, so you need “total control” of your drivers. When organizing your drivers it’s important the make and model names you’re using to name your folders match what’s in the BIOS of your systems, so here’s how you check.

Start MSInfo32 from RUN

Note The Make & Model

Use those names in your drivers folder in MDT 2012, it’ll pay off later.

Make sure the folders you’re using match the info provided. This way when you go to set the driver path variable, you can use %make% and %model% and take real control over what drivers are getting used. This can also be done using the commandline in winPE using WMI if you’re a real trailblazer, but that’s a topic for another day.