Image Build–Manual or Build & Capture?

Great Question. Great Answer. Worth reading if you have the time. Actually, make the time. Jarvis makes a good point here about the inherent flaw with manual image builds, they lack automation, and are inherently unreliable.

The Realm of the Verbal Processor

WHY Series #2

Late last week I got the following email via my contact form. It seemed like the ideal topic for the next post in the series. (Thanks Matt for the message!)

I have a question for your WHY series. I was debating with a co-worker yesterday why you would use the "Build and Capture" task sequence for OSD instead of capturing a system that you already have or have built with another method. I have a few ideas on advantages and disadvantages, but I would like to hear your opinion.

I am going to make a couple of assumptions based on what I read in the question. I interpret “a system that you already have” to mean an existing physical machine that would be captured to create an image. This might not be what the reader intended, but it should be addressed in this post regardless. Best…

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