Configuring and Checking MDT 2012 Logfiles

MDT 2012 can be configured two ways for logging. Believe me, you want to use both ways to do logs to find out what where your deployments are going wrong when they do. I wish I had not only known this when I started, I also wish I had known how to read them with trace32 sooner.

  • Dynamic Loging – This feature will dynamically update the BDD.log file on the fly as the system is being deployed.
  • SL Logging – This is the complete set of log files that will get copied AFTER the deployment is complete.

Both ways can be configured in the CustomSettings.ini file.

You will need SMTrace installed to correctly view MDT logfiles. Find it with the SCCM 2012 toolpack online here. The log files are almost worthless without this handy utility.