Nice to Know – Debug Logging SCVMM 2012 SP1

Michael over at The Deployment Bunny has posted a good article on SCVMM logs, check it out.

The Deployment Bunny

It happens that you need to find issues, yes, trust me it happens even for me… and here is how:

To enable VMM debug logging, use the following steps:

  • Create a folder called C:\vmmlogs.
  • Open an elevated PowerShell window on the VMM server or host computer and run the following commands (the second command may wrap in your display):
logman delete VMM
logman create trace VMM -v mmddhhmm -o $env:SystemDrive\VMMlogs\VMMLog_$env:computername.ETL -cnf 01:00:00 -p Microsoft-VirtualMachineManager-Debug -nb 10 250 -bs 16 -max 512 -a
  • Start the trace by typing the following command in the elevated PowerShell window:
logman start vmm
  • Reproduce your issue.
  • As soon as you reproduce your issue, stop the trace by typing:
logman stop vmm
  • Switch to C:\vmmlogs. 
  • To convert the trace, type the command:
Netsh trace convert <filename>
  • Read file, find issue, fix, have a nice day.

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