Pop Quiz

Below is a real question from a 681 Study Exam I found online.

You use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 to perform a Lite Touch Installation (LTI) of Windows 7 on client computers. You need to ensure that only the device drivers for the hardware that is included on each client computer are installed during the LTI of Windows7.

What should you do?

A. Modify the Configure step in the task sequence.

B. Modify the Inject Drivers step in the task sequence.

C. Configure the DriverPaths property in the CustomSettings.ini file.

D. Configure the DriverGroup property in the CustomSettings.ini file.


You know the answer? I would say C is correct, D could also be the anwer, but the “Microsoft Answer” is B. By default there is no control of drivers in MDT, its only when you use the “total control” model that you can do it in the custom settings file, and even then, you should still do it in the task sequence properly. So, understand, while there are many ways to solve the problem, often the proper solution is still play it by the book.