Pop Quiz: Part Duex

Below is a real question from my 70-681 Practice Exam. Know the answer?

You will use Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) 2010 to perform a Lite Touch Installation (LTI) of Windows 7 on client computers.

You need to ensure that all computers can locate the LTI deployment shares.

What should you do?

A.Modify the BootStrap.ini file.

B.Create a new task sequence.

C.Modify the CustomSettings.ini file.

D.Modify the existing task sequence.

MDT will always tell the boot media where to store the information on where the share lives not in the customsettings.ini file, but in the bootstrap.ini file. The answer is not C, but A. It’s here you can store information on some other things such as whether to skip the BDDWelcome screen and what account to kick off the deployment with. If you’re using MDT at home and you don’t have a dedicated DNS server, you may need to use an IP not a hostname in this file.