ADK alone is not a deployment solution!

I had an interesting conversation with somebody the other day, they were telling me how they too at some point had messed around with the commandline tools in WAIK and just eventually gave up. The problem is that WAIK or ADK are in and of themselves just tools, they’re not a deployment solution. If you’re running sysprep and imagex by hand, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. ADK + MDT + WDS is a solution. Use the task sequences built into MDT 2012 to build your images for you, just maintain a separate share for building images, its that easy.

I’m a big fan of automation if you haven’t already noticed, and part of the problem is that people often don’t understand that MDT and ADK are like two puzzle pieces, you need both lock in together to work together to deploy your systems, while you could in theory use ADK in and of itself, without MDT, you lack any automation and you’ll be simply wasting time. Again, I hate beating a dead horse here, but WAIK or ADK alone are not deployment solutions!