Note on MDT 2013 Preview and Windows 8.1 ADK

I’ve noticed a lot of buzz regarding MDT 2013 preview and ADK 8.1 preview on the interwebs these days. There seems to be lots of interest in Windows 8.1, MDT 2013 and ADK 8.1. Part of the confusion here seems to be over what’s supported and what’s not in MDT 2013 preview.

So, to be clear…

  • MDT 2013 Preview supports Windows 8.1 and ADK 8.1
  • Windows XP is NOT supported.
  • MDT 2013 Preview does NOT Support AIK or ADK 8.0.

If you’re trying out MDT 2013 preview, you should use ADK 8.1.

While word has it that in theory one could upgrade from MDT 2012 U1, to 2013 preview, don’t do so in a production environment, if you’re testing MDT 2013, do so on another system without AIK, and do so with a separate test share, but I’m sure you already know that.

For more info check out: