MDT Linked Deployment Shares – Merge vs. Replace

Excellent write up, this article really walks you though the nature of linked shares. FNO1980 really does know his voodoo! Keep the MDT write ups coming!

Deployment Voodoo

One of the things I’ve seen with some consistency is confusion over managing content with linked deployment shares in MDT. Specifically, there is a persistent idea that when creating a linked deployment share, the linked deployment share is necessarily a “mirror” of the main share. (“Main” share here is the root or base deployment share that linked shares are created from or to.)

Based on what I’ve seen, the confusion lies with the option to replace contents on the linked deployment share, which seems to imply to many people that the linked share will match the main share; actually, that is not what happens.

Let’s take a look at the properties of a linked deployment share, specifically the Selection Profile section.


The “Merge the selected contents into the target deployment share” option will copy the content – selected via the selection profile, which is ‘All Drivers and Packages’ in the…

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