The Greatest MDT CustomSettings.ini Example Ever Written

No, I didn’t write this example, it’s from a set of samples written by the legendary Mikael Nystrom of TrueSec, and Co – Author of “Deployment Fundamentals”. A few weeks back I published a MDT CustomSettings.ini guide with some tips and tricks geared towards more intermediate MDT 2012 users. However, if you’re just getting started learning about the glory that is the MDT customsettings.ini file, then you need to read Mikael Nystrom’s guide, Back to basics – Customsettings.ini explained. In it, he explains how this file really works, and how to simplify your testing of it. It’s pretty much required reading for anybody who works with MDT.

However, I was reminded of some of his better examples not on that site, I thought I’d share one with you guys.

Last March’s TrueSec Newsletter was loaded with even better examples from Mikael, and my favorite is below.


The beautiful thing about this example is that it’s really doing several things, and creating a set of several rules based on location and device type. Note how the computername is being generated based on Location, Device Type and Serial. Pretty slick huh?

For all of his scrubbed customsettings.ini samples click here:

Much respect to Johan and Mikael, those two guys are my personal heroes! Check out my links page to read their Blogs!

Again, as always if you have any questions, e-mail me.