Note to Self : No Spaces MDT in Share Names!

Working with a client this weekend, I had a real fun time troubleshooting a deployment share the client had attempted to set up before I ended up having to just rebuild from scratch more or less.

(5616) Verify BCDBootEX error

Lesson of the day: “No Spaces in Names of The Deployment Share!” Two scripts that MDT uses to deploy the OS do not like spaces in the name of the share.

However, some research, ahem, googling has shown a neat work around…

Change line 520 of ZTIDiskUtility.vbs


sProgram = """" & sProgram & """"


sProgram = "*" & sProgram & "*"

and in ztiRunCommandHidden.wsf replace

wscript.quit oUtility.RunWithConsoleLogging( wscript.arguments.UnNamed(0) )


Dim sString
wscript.quit oUtility.RunWithConsoleLogging( sString )

Credit: Andrew Paterson, TechNet Forums:
This should allow you to keep shares in your name, but in all honesty, just keep spaces out of your share name. You’ll thank me later.