Beating a dead horse (Again)…

I got some fun hate email last week, apparently my article from a while back: Clonezilla is a Joke, and a Bad One at That really upset somebody in the GNU community. Since I think the reader took my jab at open source software a little too seriously, I want to make an important point here: I have nothing against open source software, it’s just that there is no real support for it. More importantly however is something that’s bothered me for a while now regarding the defenders of clonezilla is the argument that “it’s free”, well so is MDT, and I can go to a real company for support, yes, the company that wrote the OS in the first place.

Look, if you want to use the simple disk cloning technique that was used in the windows 95 era, be my guest. Want to join 200+ PCs to the domain by hand? Be my guest. Want to set the hostnames by hand on 200+ PCs? Be my guest. Want to run windows updates on a six month old image on 200+ PCs by hand? Be my guest.

Point being is that if product A does all the above and product B just clones disks and both are free, why choose B? I suspect somebody’s either taking stupid pills, would rather do all of that by hand or both.