MDT 2013 Troubleshooting Guide

Like many of you I was underwhelmed by the lack of new features in MDT 2013. In many regards, the biggest change is not what it adds in functionality, but more of what’s been removed. MDT 2013 has no support for the legacy WAIK tools and hence, no more support for Vista and XP. I was however then pleasantly surprised to find then that the optional MDT Documentation contained a much needed Troubleshooting Reference complete with LTI and ZTI flowcharts which can be downloaded here…


Topics Include:

  • Log Files
  • Error Codes
  • Advanced Troubleshooting

Make sure to sit down and spend some time trying to understanding this material. Its one of the best things to come out with MDT 2013. Note it also has some pretty awesome flowcharts as well, I do love me some flowcharts…