Ghost v MDT

Great write up on switching to MDT from Ghost. Informative and Hilarious. Hit F12 and go have a sandwich!


Listen, I know there is more than one way to skin a cat but this way is mine and it works.  It actually works well.  I’ve been making Windows XP/7 images for the past 7 or so years, and the only difference between the process that I’ve created and the standard is the scope of what is REQUIRED to go in the image and the way I handle profiles.  First I’ll go over some of the tools I used and the progression of how I started and where I am now.  A little history first.  The way I used to copy the image is with a Symantec Ghost Cast Server.  No we didn’t have a license for the solution suite.  With this method, I had to find the Windows Vista NIC drivers for every new device that was purchased.   I’d use TFTPD32 to operate as my DHCP/PXE server…

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