Nice to Know – Dumping MDT Monitor data to a Webpage (using PowerShell)

The Deployment Bunny delivers gold again!

The Deployment Bunny

(update –

A customer asked me –Could you create like a web page that shows the same info as the MDT monitoring tab, so can see all the deployment all the time?, the answer is of course –Yes, of course you can!

Now, before you start barking at me and say “That could be done much easier using C#, Lisp, VB.Net” or something, this was the “My-flight-leaves-very-soon” kind of coding, so it jus a very simple PowerShell snip that runs on a 5 min schedule and create a new page and the result looks like this:


The script will read the data from the MDT monitoring feed, so the web server does not need to be on the server it self, it does not require anything at all, the script generates a HTML page and the we “modify” it on the fly and the save it in the…

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