Using the Office Customization Tool in MDT and Skipping the Welcome to Office Wizard

One of the coolest things you can do with MDT is use it to install and update office at deploy time. Customizing Office is easy when using the office customization tool.


Turns out even this wizard can be hidden using the Office Customization Tool. The option to do so is just hidden a little in the wizard.

Right clicking office in the workbench and selecting properties gets you here, note the extra Office Producrs tab.

The Office details window. Use the syntax above to automate your office install.

This where you set the UI level and launch the Office customization Tool.

Here you would enter the MAK key

Here you can customize office shortcuts.

Adding desktop shortcuts is pretty straight forward.

Note I didn’t go crazy here, I just added Word, Outlook and Excel, but it’s your image go crazy if you want.

Here you can disable the pesky Welcome Wizard once and for all!

Once all your customizations are complete, save the file to the updates folder in the office folder in your share. Take some time and play with it, the Office Customization Tool is very powerful, but remember, with great power comes great responsibility.