Nice to Know – Reduce the size of your WIM after patching and before doing a capture

Excellent post from The Deployment Bunny! Check it out!

The Deployment Bunny

Yes, finally it is doable, for real and it gets smaller too 🙂

The Problem

Not really a problem maybe, but when the ref image gets bigger and bigger for every time you create one and you KNOW that it is just old patches and new code that consumes the space, you really want to get rid of all the junk. There has been some “do this, it works but it is not really sported”, but now we really have a solution for this.

The solution

Using dism with the new /resetbase it is now possible to cleanup the image and remove all the old patches, however, there is one downside here, when you cleanup, there is NO way to uninstall a patch, since that patch is now “base”. So you should only do this when your image is stable and have no issues at all.

Note: the /resetbase only…

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