ASK MDT Guy: Why should I integrate MDT with SCCM?

This week’s question comes from Andrea.

Question: Why should I integrate MDT with SCCM?

Answer: Integrating MDT with SCCM really expands the capabilities of SCCM with over 200 some features. Lots of IT pros will use MDT to build the images, and then use SCCM integrated with MDT to push the image. If you’re learning, you can always just start with MDT, see if it works well and add SCCM into the mix later, it’s what I’d recommend. Learn to walk before you run, right?

The advantages of using MDT+SCCM are pretty big. SCCM by itself is pretty crude, MDT allows you to do things with much more finesse. For example, MDT allows you to leverage the LTISsuspend.wsf script to pause the image creation, customize the image, and capture the image. The copy profile setting will also let you copy tweaks made to the admin profile to the default profile for end users who will be using the image.

Regardless of what you do, make sure you build the image in MDT on a VM, it’ll save you lots and lots of trouble down the road.

MDT in and of itself is great for getting images out, SCCM is a much better tool for managing them down the road.

Again, if you’re just learning I’d really suggest starting with MDT first, and when you’re ready to move up your management, integrate the two. It’s hard to beat imaging systems without even having to touch them.

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