PowerShell is King–Measure disk performance for IOPS and Transfer rate

Powershell Por Vida! Another excellent post from Mikael Nystrom!

The Deployment Bunny

The need

Since I build datacenters I need to verify performance and you can do that using SQLIO. But there is a lot of parameters, a lot of typing and to make testing a bit more consistent I was reading Jose Barreto’s blog http://blogs.technet.com/b/josebda/archive/2013/03/28/sqlio-powershell-and-storage-performance-measuring-iops-throughput-and-latency-for-both-local-disks-and-smb-file-shares.aspx and that gave me inspiration to create a PowerShell script that is a bit more complete and here you can see the result of it. We use this to measure performance on local disks, SMB storage, Storage Spaces, SAN storage, iSCSI storage, basically everything, now it is easy to “spot” the issue, since we have seen the numbers so many times.

Measure-DiskPerformance - pic01

Output sample in table format.

Measure-DiskPerformance - pic02

Output in Grid view.

The Download

You can download the script from here: http://1drv.ms/1pQNr4i

To use it you need to have SQLIO from Microsoft and you need to store the SQLIO.exe file in the same folder as the script, this…

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