Multicasting with MDT

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Multicasting Notes from the field

Wanted to write down some notes using WDS Multcasting within MDT Litetouch environments.


Typically when clients access a MDT Deployment share, they access it via a File Share. The modern Windows Server File Share can handle a reasonable load. However, if you start to get a lot of clients trying to download the same large OS image file over the network, you might get some performance problems, typically with the network.

Let’s talk numbers:

  •  MDT can run quite well within a virtual Machine, 1-2 virtual processors, 2-4 GB of ram, and a Gigabit network connection.
  • MDT can easily handle 20-25 client deployments at the same time.
  • When deploying a 4-8GB image (normal), the biggest bottle neck will be the network, even on Gigabit.


Built into the Windows Server WDS OS Role, we find the tools necessary to run Multicast. WDS Multicast is a service program…

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