ASK MDT Guy: A tale of Two WSUS Servers

Yesterday I received a really good question from a reader Winston.


I have multiple sites that I have been able to connect together using DFSR. Servers are 2012 R2 using MDT 2013. I have a WSUS server on one server but I would like to be able to have a WSUS server on the second server. The WAN link between the two sites is fairly fast but I would like to have two WSUS servers but having one sync to the other but the second site will get it’s updates from the second WSUS server. I know how to sync the two WSUS servers just not how to have my two MDT servers recognize which one should be used for their respective site.


Getting clients deploying at site A to get one WSUS server and clients deploying at site B to get another is actually pretty easy. In fact, we can do lots of fun stuff this way, we could set names based on sites, and even specify which applications get installed.

The solution is brilliant in it’s simplicity. Tweak your customsettings.ini file.

MDT allows us to set different variables based on the default gateway detected at deploy time.

See the Example Below.


Using the Default Gateway, we can configure site specific settings at deployment time.

In this example, we have two sites, Chicago and Atlanta. Devices at each site will detect different Gateways when the NICs initialize, and then will get different names, different WSUS servers, and different application bundles. There is almost no limit of what could be done with these

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