Clonezilla Still Sucks (beating a dead horse here)

Today I was discussing with a colleague of mine how I still get poorly written and inarticulate hatemail for asserting that Clonezilla is a Joke – and a bad one at that.

I first wrote that article over a year ago and I still stand by the whole premise of not running open source software in any for, non or not for profit enterprise. The free excuse doesn’t cut it anymore here kids, because yes, Microsoft’s imaging tools, ADK and MDT are “free” as in “free taco tote”. Clonezilla is free as in a free feral puppy.

Again – at the expense of beating a dead horse here, I have to unequivocally assert that clonezilla is unfit for human consumption. Understand this: Clonezilla is “free” as in “free three day old taco bueno” which es no bueno. Clonezilla doesn’t create an unattended.xml file for you, MDT does. Clonezilla won’t build an image for you, MDT will. Clonezilla won’t capture that image for you, MDT will. For the sake of berevity, I’ll stop with that but point to three final nails in the coffin of this debate.

Three reasons Clonezilla still sucks:

1 – No support as in NO SUPPORT. The unemployed electronics engineer who wrote this in his mom’s basement can’t help you now.
2 – No Task Sequencing, as in you’re joining to the domain by hand and well, everything else by hand.
3 – No Scripts, as in you’re on you’re own if you want to install drivers, or software dynamically at deploy time.

I have to beat this last point in until it’s made crystal clear; If you have the luxury of six months to write code from scratch to partition, name, join to the domain, provision, update, and reboot, you’re either a millionaire, or unemployed, or both. I am neither, and I doubt you really are, so don’t reinvent the wheel, I promise you, you’re wasting your time and mine writing to me about it.

Think I’m wrong? Write me, but please note: I don’t care if you got Clonezilla to do a 1/3 of this with the code you wrote on your poor employer’s dime.

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