Dell Driver Pack Catalog

More excellent work from Mr. Keith Garner. If you’re managing Dell hardware like me, not to be missed…

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Dell has recently re-released their Driver Pack Catalog, and while looking saw an excellent script by Dustin Hedges that shows how to parse the XML Catalog and download some packages. I wanted to enhance the experience for MDT LiteTouch, so I wrote some scripts.


The first script is designed for downloading and installing the correct Dell WinPE driver pack to your MDT Litetouch Environment.

  • The script will automatically determine your local MDT LiteTouch Deployment share and connect to it. If there is more than one share in your MDT Deployment Console, then the script will prompt you for which one to use.
  • The script will automatically download, extract and parse the Dell Driver Pack Catalog.
  • The script will automatically search your local host for the WAIK or ADK, and download the corresponding Dell WinPE Driver Pack.
  • The Script will automatically extract the Dell WinPE DriverPack and import theā€¦

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