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Microsoft released the much anticipated MDT 2013 Update 1 Preview this week, See the announcement here.

Johan Arwidmark has already done an excellent analysis of the latest build, but I though I would pile on as well. :^)

So what issues am I tracking:

  1. Perhaps the biggest missing component is a new task sequence for the new Windows 10 “OS Upgrade”. There have been several blog posts on the subject, so I would have expected to see it by now.
  2. .TemplatesServer.xml has a fix for ImageBuild > 6 in Sysprep, but .TemplatesClient.xml is missing that fix.
  3. Still a lot of XP and Vista legacy code in LTIApply.wsf and LTISysprep.wsf.
  4. Readers of this blog may recall my fix for LTIApply.wsf and split WIM’s. The solution Microsoft has chosen to address Split Wim’s is very similar ;^)
  5. Only minor fixes to ZTIWindowsUpdate.wsf. I have several other updates on my blog.

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