ASK MDTGUY! Legal Disclaimers Making You Click Again and Again?

This week’s question comes from Rob Dog.

Q: I’ve run into our computer usage disclaimer that requires us to click OK on before being asked to enter username and password. This means that I have to click OK at each reboot. Is there a way past this?

A: Oh, GPOs that break the glory of MDT’s automated installations… The bane of my existence.

There’s three real ways around this. I say real because the option of turning off GPO enforcement with hacking the OS is not a good idea, and I’ve never gotten it to work. The best way to fix the problem is to just turn off these legal disclaimers (they’re bullshit and I find that not only does nobody read them, I’ve never been convinced they’re really all that legally binding). Second is to use some kind of staging OU (an OU w/o these settings and just move them later). And third, remove the join credentials from your XML and just move the recover from domain step in your TS to the very end of the TS. This creates some problems, but it’s what I do at the moment.

Johan teaches us to use WMI filters on the task sequence folder, I need to try this at my job to see if it works, seems like a good idea because it allows you to say that a specific policy won’t apply if a folder MDT uses and then deletes at the end exists. I need to try this, but options 1 – 3 listed above should be valid.

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