Installing Cisco AnyConnect 4.1 with MDT 2013

This one’s eluded me for quite sometime, so I am posting this in a hope that somebody else sees this and it saves them the blood and sweat and tears that me and other readers lost beating on this one.

I’ve had no less than two separate readers e-mail me over the last few years asking about Cisco’s AnyConnec MSI creating the “Dirty Environment Found” error when using the standard command line syntax that works on just about every other MSI. In the past, I’d use a 3.x exe and it wasn’t a problem, however, newer versions come in an MSI that disconnects and reconnects the NIC and pisses MDT off something awful. Basically, disabling and enabling the NIC (which AnyConnect does during install) while the task sequence is running is akin to an unexpected reboot, and causes the LTI Dirty screen to come up.

Well, like everything Application related in MDT, its just a matter of googling long enough and spending the time playing the game of trial and error. Last week I found this, and finally spent the time to look through it.


Page 2-27 has the following:

Turns out the /passive switch does the trick. This somehow must be related to the fact that I can now install AnyConnect and not get the “Dirty Environment Found” error. Wish I had known that like two years ago, but hey, better late than never! So in conclusion, here’s what I am using to do my CiscoAnyConnect 4.1 install in MDT 2013:

msiexec.exe /qb- /l*vx %LogPath%CiscoAnyConnect.log REBOOT=ReallySuppress UILevel=67 ALLUSERS=2 /package anyconnect-win-4.2.02075-pre-deploy-k9.msi /norestart /passive

Now I know, and so do you! And Knowing Is Half The Battle.

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