Building a Windows 7SP1 Image with MDT2013 Update 2.

Stumbled across this today, Mr. Johan Arwidmark has published a complete and updated Windows 7 build guide on his site, Deployment Research. This is probably the best guide out there. No sense in writing an article like this as Johan’s the best of the best and he’s already written a better guide than I possibly could.

I pretty much follow these guides of his religiously: Use a separate share for automating the building of images, lay down windows, have it install IE11, dotNet, VCR, and Office, patch, and capture, all using a standard client task sequence that starts by laying down the vanilla wim from ISO.


Interesting Notes: Updating the WUA in your image prior to running windows may speed the build process. I am currently testing this to confirm, but Johan’s usually always right about stuff like this. If you have any luck with this approach, lemme know!