Overriding Customsettings.ini in MDT 2013 Update 2

This is an old trick that I still have to show people once in a while because this is something I wish I knew years ago. It’s pretty neat if you ask me. This is basically how you can have your cake and eat it too with your standalone MDT lite touch infrastructure.

Forget PXE and USB. MDT just runs even better from UNC. Using the core .vbs that kicks off the wizard from the \\SERVER\Share$\Scripts folder, you really can just make shortcuts to the wizard with switches that call conditions that override the settings in your global CS.ini file. This allows you to add an additional layer of control without needing to mess with your CustomSettings.ini file.

These conditions can include but are not limited to:

  • Task Sequence (specify TS, bypass prompt in wizard)
  • Apps (Include, or Exclude Bundles)
  • Hostname (Prompt & Override defaults called in Customsettings.ini)
  • State Restore (Wipe & Load vs. Refresh)

So, even if you’re running LTI without SCCM, you can call out to the LTI engine and use switches to the specify what TS you’re running and what prompts you do or do not run from the wizard.

For example you could create shortcuts that kick off a refresh with specific conditions that override the rules in your CustomSettings.ini

  • Build Image TS (Set Capture)
  • Call 32bit TS Win7 no prompts
  • Call 64bit TS Win7 no prompts
  • Call Windows 10×64 w/ prompts
  • Call Windows 10×64 w/o prompts
  • Call all prompts (Task Sequence, Domain, Name, Applications ala cart)



Create Shortcuts and point them to the Litetouch.vbs


Use switches to explicitly call a task sequence, or enable prompts you usually disable.


Override Tasksequence called in customsettings.ini

\\SERVERNAME\SHARE$\scripts\litetouch.vbs /skiptasksequence:yes /tasksequenceid:win7SP1-32bit

Override Skip Prompt in customsettings.ini

\\SERVERNAME\SHARE$\scripts\litetouch.vbs /skiptasksequence:no /SkipApplications:no

Override Applications and/or Locale called in customsettings.ini

\\SERVERNAME\SHARE$\scripts\litetouch.vbs /SkipApplications:no /SkipLocaleSelection:no

Override Domain Settings and/or timezone called in customsettings.ini

\\SERVERNAME\SHARE$\scripts\litetouch.vbs /SkipDomainMembership:yes /skiptimezone:yes