MDT 2013 stuck on Searching for Updates during a Windows 7 task sequence Forever.

Over the last year I’ve received some questions from readers regarding an issue where MDT takes forever to search for updates while running Windows 7 task sequences, and by forever, I mean for-ev-er.


No, but in all seriousness, we’re talking well over three hours in some cases. Three hours just “searching for updates.” In all honesty, when I first heard of this I presumed that user error was to blame, until it started happening to me. My trustworthy build and capture task sequence that used to take just about four hours to build an image for me turned into a ten hour nightmare.


I tried lots of things, including trying to install the updated windows update agent to no avail. I tried with and without a WSUS server, both times it would again sit there for over three hours searching for updates, eventually run the updates, install apps, and then sit there just searching all over again during the post application install update phase.

Then I read here that you’re going to need to inject a hotfix prior to running the windows update steps in the task sequence to fix this issue.

I then added the packages to a folder in my packages section in my build share.

Worked like a charm.

UPDATE 9/2016: Started building a new Buildshare here at the Office this week, and I can confirm that using the the April 2016 Servicing Stack fixes the issue, Searching for updates still takes some time, however it’s not taking over three hours like I’ve seen it do before.


UPDATE 10/2016: