MDT Por Vida! Geek Week Edition

Had the privilege of hanging out with Johan and Mikael at the Microsoft Museum in somewhat sunny Redmond today during GeekWeek. I’ve been taking notes furiously and learning as much as I can! I mean, its not like everyday you get to meet real life MDT Jedi Masters. 🙂


Today in class, Mikael showed us this script:

This script effectively allows non MDT people to see what’s being deployed, as it uses Powershell to dump the monitoring info to HTML and as Mikael says, its not a security risk, because if a ‘Hacker’ gets in, all he can see is that you’re using MDT to deploy computers. Big Woop. 😉 You can also edit the monitoring config file to as shown here to hold data longer if need be.

I had seen this before but once it was clear to me that all we had to do was change the first line to include the name of our MDT Server, I realized this was basically the first thing I am doing when I get back to home in Albuquerque, where the photo of the original Microsoft crew below was taken BTW…

Also want to thank both Johan and Mikael for all their insight this week and encourage any other deployment geeks to come out to GeekWeek if you ever get the chance! Powershell Por Vida!