Windows 7 STILL taking forever searching for updates.

Just as I had convinced myself I had solved this, it’s back…

A clean MDT2013 task sequence, with a recently built hybrid image really shouldn’t ever take much more than an hour at the most to complete. I have a land speed record of 18 some minutes on bare metal from PXE. MDT should drop an image, patch it, install mandatory apps like antivirus and management clients then join to the domain in about 30 to 45minutes. But once again I’ve been seeing PCs sitting on ‘Searching for Updates’ for over an hour dragging this out close to two hours.

Checking the BDD.log file, there it is…

Windows Update in MDT Taking FOREVER to search for updates.

Searching for updates shouldn’t take over an hour.


You may have seen this, Windows Updates just searching and searching and searching…

Stumbled across this thinking once again that it had to be related to a bug in the windows update agent, sure enough I found this: