Testing CustomSettings.ini The Quick And Dirty Way

Had the privilege and honor of studying under both Johan Arwidmark and Mikael “The Deployment Bunny” Nystrom in Redmond WA for a week this last summer. During the session Mr. Nystrom brushed up on using ZTIGather.wsf to debug customsettings.ini verbosely from the command line instead of actually kicking off a deployment and crossing your fingers.

I had known it was possible, and I had done it before, but didn’t need to do it in a long, long time until today and in an attempt to find his again, I stumbled across this…


In the article, he’s referring to a local install of CMTrace, in this example I am running it from the server. I figure the PC I am testing on may not always have it installed, but the idea is the same, run the gather and run CMTrace and open the log file! Its that easy! My buddy from Questa thinks this is pretty cool! Thanks to Mikael for the good idea!


CMTrace is a beautiful thing, calling it programmatically is even more beautiful…



This version allows you to call it from any PC at anytime.