When in doubt, Run LTICleanup.wsf

Look, I don’t work for Microsoft, I just support their software. I have no idea what the hell -2147024890 or even what 0x80070006 means. It’s computer babble for something bad happened, sorry. I could also look up the hex code and change the hex into something else and check the log files, all of which I did, but nothing jumped out as to why. The task sequence ran fine on everything except this ONE pc in the lab, so What the heck?

When in doubt, run the LTICleanup.wsf file from WinPE. Press F8 and run LTI Cleanup. If you’re doing in place upgrades, you can even just run it from plain old windows. Browse to the \\Servername\Share$\Scripts folder and run LTICleanup.


That fixed it, go figure. Your milage may vary, but sometimes when MDT is being dumb, just run the cleanup and start from scratch.