Windows 10 and MDT

Been getting lots of e-mails regarding MDT and Windows 10, so I need to remind everybody that MDT 2013 Update 1 is still not out yet. Windows 10 ADK is out, so hang tight, should be any day now…



Image Factory Automation

Another Great Post From Mr. Garner, MDT Genius Extraordinaire.

Keith's Consulting Blog

One area where MDT Litetouch excels is with Image Creation. I know of several groups within Microsoft (including Microsoft Consulting) who recommend using MDT LiteTouch to create images, even if those images are eventually used within SCCM OSD (Operating System Deployment).


Back in the Windows XP days, the OS came with it’s own proprietary installation system. Say you spent some time getting XP updated to the latest Service Pack, along with all the necessary security updates, and the latest version of Office. You might want to take a snapshot (or checkpoint) of this reference disk (Image) to reload on other machines. That’s where Sysprep and 3rd party products like Ghost came to the picture.

Starting with Windows Vista, Microsoft started distributing the OS using a new file archival format: Windows Imaging Format (*.wim files). *.wim files are compressed archives with space to store extra metadata. It’s also intelligent to…

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Download Slides From ‘Deployment Made Simple’

I’ve received numerous requests over the last week for my PowerPoint presentation entitled ‘Deployment Made Simple’, from my talk last week at the HDI Rio Grande Chapter meeting.

It can be downloaded here.

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Standalone MSU files are now available.

Today’s kind of a big deal, the last of the last XP updates roll out today. From here on out, all you XP users are on your own. God speed.

In other news, I downloaded and installed the standalone MSU updates for Windows 8.1 on my desktop at home, and it is quite bueno.

If you’re looking for the standalone MSU files to import into your MDT share, here you go:

KB2919442 (Preparation Package)

KB2919355 (Update 1 Package)

KB2932046 (Supplement Package)

KB2937592 (Supplement Package)

KB2938439 (Supplement Package)

KB2939087 (Supplement Package)

Add these to your deployment share if you can’t get your hands on the 8.1 Update 1 ISO right away, otherwise, you’re better off just updating your build share with slipstreamed media from Microsoft.

Updated MDT customsettings.ini post

I went and added a few new tips and tricks as well as cleaned up some formatting on my most popular post, MDT customsettings.ini tips&tricks. Specifically I added some info on skipping timezones, skipping apps, setting apps, and a generic set of settings that should enable basic user state migrations using hardlinks.