Hire Me

Having already worked extensively with Microsoft’s Windows 7 and 8 deployment tools, I certainly have all the experience you are looking for if you’re looking to build a dynamic and robust deployment infrastructure. As a certified Microsoft Deployment Specialist, I can assure you and your organization I have the knowledge you need as well as the hands on experience required to do it right the first time. Chances are your organization requires somebody who has expertise with the Windows Automated Installation Kit, Windows Deployment Services, the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and the Lite Touch & Zero Touch technologies that make Windows rollouts painless for both users and IT staff alike. I would require absolutely no training and would hit the ground running regardless of what you throw at me. All my experience with these tools and solutions has made me an excellent fit for your needs as I will continue to bring all my technical understanding, experience, skill and enthusiasm, every day to your company.

Having managed a wide range of technical systems in and out of the financial sector, I already have the understanding needed by a systems deployment specialist. I have always been able to minimize downtime, protect user privacy, and maximize system uptime during my 10 years in the industry. By working together with end users, technicians and managers, I have been able to balance the security needs of organizations with the needs of their users. I believe that by finding the right tools for the right job, computers work for all of us and not the other way around. Most importantly, I have something that you really can’t teach people, and that’s my can do, will do, get it done attitude that sets me apart from the rest. Call my agent at RHT, he’ll tell you himself.

While I am currently happily employed with a steady desk job as a SysAdmin here in Albuquerque, I am more than happy to do “after hours” consulting in my free time, whether it’s image design, troubleshooting full blown MDT setups, or even training, contact me and we can hash out a consulting rate and schedule that works for both of us. Finally, if I can provide you or anybody with my resume or any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail via at charlesleslieparker@outlook.com.

Best Regards,
Charles Parker
Charles L. Parker